Brand new portfolio
Investment: 4,000 EUR 
  • GB 1840, Penny Black, Plate 4 on a piece of paper canceled by 2 Maltese crosses
  • Austria1851, Blue Mercury, perfect margins
  • Gambia 1902, SG.46a, 47a, Edward VII. 1P and 2P with plate flaw DENTED FRAME, highly sought-after specialities
  • Mauritius, 2P intermediate impression SG.13 (someone could even say early impression SG 9), deep blue, light crease on the right, very rare colour, nice cancel
  • Leeward Island 1905, SG.32a, 2½ Pence Edward VII, multiple watermark CA, with plate flaw WIDE „A“ in „LEEWARD“, rare speciality
  • British Palestine 1920, SG.35, 1Pia with a silver 3-lingual overprint PALESTINE, certificate BPA, rare item, destination with growth potential!
  • Brit. Guiana 1890 SG.209a, Tall Ship INLAND REVENUE 3 DOLLARS as postal provisory with DOUBLE OVERPRINT "ONE CENT"
  • Brit. Honduras 1918, SG.118a, 3C DOUBLE OVERPRINT "WAR", certificate BPA
  • Brit. Honduras 1916 SG.114a, strip of 2 of George V. 1c green with INVERTED OVERPRINT "WAR", overprint even moved sideways - inverted overprint and sideways moved appeared on ONE SHEET ONLY FROM THE WHOLE ISSUE!!!
  • Trinidad and Tobago 1935, SG.239a, 242a, Jubilee 2c and 24c with plate flaws EXTRA FLAGSTAFF, favourite specialities
  • Hong Kong 1935 SG.135b, strip of 2 Jubilee 5c, plate flaws SHORT EXTRA FLAGSTAFF, favourite speciality
  • Fiji + Mauritius, 1935, SG.245h, 248h, 2 x Jubilee 1Sh with plate flaws DOT BY FLAGSTAFF, favourite specialities, high nominal values
  • Austria/Czechoslovakia I....ex Wiener Postarchiv , UNPERFORATED 2K light blue, block of four with sheet margin, type WIDE, without gum as issued, (rare – existuje max. 100 copies exist!!!) 
  • Austria 1850 – Austrian No. "one" 6 examples (!) on a cover

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