Why are collectibles a good investment? What are the benefits of diversifying the investment portfolio into collectibles?

Why are collectibles a good investment?

There are many reasons. One of the most important, however, is that their value cannot be influenced or manipulated by anyone in any way. And there are just a few reasons that could cause their value to fall.
The value of companies' shares (and thus, for example, the value of mutual funds) is influenced by the performance of the company, its employees or managers. It may also be influenced by stock market speculators. No small investor can influence these facts. Do you remember companies like Worldcom, Enron, or Nokia? These were the market leaders. Safe haven for any investor. And where are they now? The first two were swept from the market, Nokia lost the battle against Apple and I am convinced that Apple will one day lose to another "predator".
The price of gold and diamonds is manipulated by cartels and you never know what will happen. Not so long ago, the daily price of gold was set by a few people on a daily phone call. I'm afraid that's how it works to this day.

Cryptocurrencies? Yes, a great investment for gamblers. Once you're up, once you're down. But most importantly - YOU HAVE NOTHING IN HAND. You can lose everything with one click of a capable hacker or speculator.
Collectibles are not subject to these issues. The world has a very stable base of tens of millions of collectors, which has recently grown by investors. They have been here in the past as well, but in recent years many small investors have been investing in postage stamps, for example, starting with a capital of around 2 – 4,000 €. That's how I’ve started a few years ago. It is not complicated and can be done by anyone who is willing to get advice from someone experienced.

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