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As a collector who is also interested in the long-term evaluation of his collections, people have asked me many times what I buy and what collectibles would I recommend as a diversification of their investment portfolio. So I decided to gather a tiny part of my knowledge on a website that was just launched.

The purpose of this web is not to offer or sell anything. There is no business company behind it. This is a purely informative website, on which I present the possibilities which collectibles can be of investment interest. There are not recommendations, just a summary of a fraction of a per mille of my experience and knowledge gained over the years watching auctions of all kinds, visiting galleries and collectors' meetings, interviews with dozens and hundreds of collectors and investors, hundreds of hours of studying and reading everything which was published on this topic.

I believe that it can help you to make your own decision which way to go. And do not forget – be careful when investing, invest just a sum which you can afford to lose. On the other hand, in case of collectibles, you always have some wonderful physical item in your ownership, what I see as a huge advantage.

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