Merkur Revue and Filatelie - two magazines suitable for everyone.

In the Czech Republic, there are two philatelic magazines with a general focus: Merkur Revue and Filatelie. Both magazines have been on the market for several decades and have a very wide readership. Merkur Revue has A4 format and is published 6 times a year, Filatelie is about half format and published 12 times a year. There is no other collector's field that boasts two magazines published in this range.

It can be said that although both magazines are similarly focused, they are still completely different. In both you will find professional articles on the stamps of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic, as well as articles on the history of postal services, information on upcoming events or notices on interesting literature.

In addition, Merkur Revue contains a few more articles on stamps from world philately, as well as articles in the field of numismatics, notaphily and phaleristics.

Does it make sense to buy both magazines? In my opinion YES! You will not find articles that are the same in both magazines or on the same topic. The price of magazines is comparable (around 600 CZK/year), and in my opinion very favourable. It's the price of one dinner for two in an average restaurant or the price of 20 litres of gasoline. It can also be the price of, for example, the basic set of 4 stamps “Prague, Tatry” in ** quality from 1926. Do you find it a lot?

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Issue Prague, Tatry 1926


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