Heydrich Souvenir Sheet is not the rarest item of protectorate philately!

Heydrich Souvenir Sheet was distributed to participants of the commemorative ceremony on the 1st anniversary of the death of this Nazi tyrant (7. March 1904 – 4. June 1942). 1000 of them were printed, and then about 635 pieces were distributed. These Souvenir Sheets appear regularly at auctions around the world, and between 2011 and 2021 alone, at least 24 new examples appeared, which had not been registered in any auction sale before.

Heydrich Souvenier Sheet 

In addition to this Souvenir Sheet, however, there are also Commemorative Booklets made of smooth, cream-colored cardboard, containing two block-of-four depicting a Heydrich death mask. In the left part of the booklet, this block-of-four is attached with four photo corners, in the right part, the same block-of-four is glued and cancelled with a CDS Prag 1-Praha 1, (9d), 4.VI.43-12.

In the literature (Rhoade, P.: Exponet No. 171, sheet 70) it is stated that only 25 of these Commemorative Booklets were made. The Booklet for Hitler was made of silk (in German: Seidenmäpchen). In fact, at least 87 of these commemorative Booklets were distributed, 2 of which were in silk.

In any case, these Commemorative Booklets are almost 10 times rarer in appearance than Heydrich Souvenir Sheet,
which also reflects their seldom appearance at world auctions. The market price of these Commemorative Booklets does not yet reflect this fact, which is because these Commemorative Booklets are not so well known among philatelists.

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Commemorative Booklet


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