Investor's interest in alternative investments is growing.

In January 2023, I was invited as a speaker at 2 conferences focusing on investing. The first of these was attended by around 100 attendees from finance and banking sector and several high-profile speakers. I spoke on the topic of postage stamps as an investment and was surprised at the interest among the audience who usually prefer stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or real estate.

The second conference focused exclusively on alternative assets, and I was there as a keynote speaker. My first lecture was again on stamps, and the later lecture in the afternoon focused on several other collectibles such as coins, banknotes, old books... From my point of view, it was also a great conference with a great audience.

The success of these two conferences is proof that at least some financial investors are starting to take alternative investments seriously. The current financial crisis has shown them once again that it is necessary to diversify investment portfolios with assets that are not subject to financial fluctuations and macroeconomic phenomena. Although the Czech Republic still lags very much behind developed markets such as the UK or the USA in this investment segment, I believe that many smaller investors are already aware of this. The big private investors in the Czech Republic have realised this a long time ago already.


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Lecture about Rare postage stamps and the rise of their prices


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