A unique book about philately and investing in postage stamps.

After 2 years of intensive work (sometimes up to 12 hours a day) and a total of approx. 3,000 hours of research, study and writing, is my book called Postage Stamps - a Hobby or an Investment? finally done. On 350 pages you will find everything you need to know about the pricing, scarceness and possible investment in postage stamps. You will also read dozens of interesting stories associated with the rarest stamps from almost 100 different countries.

The book is intended primarily for moderately to intermediate philatelists, but also real specialists will find a lot of interesting information there.

I would like to mention here a small part of the review written by Mr. Jaromír Petřík sr., editor-in-chief of Merkur Revue magazine (the whole review will be published in the January issue of this magazine):

"At first glance, the author amazes the reader with the extraordinary scope of his book. Dealing with the rarities of one or more countries would be nothing new. However, Radek Novák presents in his book rarities, including images and data, from 93 countries around the world and also a large amount of information from many auctions.

What else to say?

Perhaps it's just that no author in the world has succeeded in something like this so far, nor has anyone tried it. Only these data suggest that this is a unique and completely extraordinary work."

So far so good. However, we have to disappoint everybody, who does not know any Czech – the book is in Czech language only.

But the English manuscript of my book is done already and I am working on German version as well right now. I hope to publish it in the end of 2021. If you would like to contribute in my book, just let me know.

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