Building of a stamp
collection or rare stamps
investment portfolio and support by sale

What do I offer

I will be happy to pass on the knowledge and experience I have gained through many years of stamp collecting and I am ready to help beginners or even advanced collectors in building their valuable collections. I also offer assistance to investors in compiling investment portfolios and diversifying their investments. I source material for collections and investment portfolios from public sources and my own extensive worldwide network of private contacts.

Due to time capacity reasons, I can only offer my capacities (which I offer completely free of charge) to a limited number of collectors or investors. If you are interested, please contact me.

  1. Support by starting of a new collection of postage stamps
  2. Complementing existing collections
  3. Independent valuation of postage stamps and entire collections
  4. Sourcing of rare stamps for collectors and investors
  5. Set-up and building of investment portfolios
  6. Regular addition of rare stamps to investment portfolios
  7. Support by sale of postage stamps and entire collections
  8. Support and advice on the sale of investment stamps and entire investment portfolios
  9. Additional support according to the needs of the collector or investor

Tel: +420 608 386 845


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