Making money during the war and the suffering of others...

On April 12, 2022, the Ukrainian Post issued a stamp and a sheet depicting the current war motif with the title "Russian warship, f***k you...!". The stamp showing a Ukrainian soldier giving the finger to ship Moskva was issued in two denominations:

Letter F worth 23 UAH (approximately 0.72 EUR) intended for domestic postage,

Letter W worth 44 UAH (approximately 1.38 EUR) for international mail.

1 million stamps with this motif were issued[1], which in itself means that it is not and will never be rare!

Nevertheless, there are already people all over the world who are trying to make money out of this situation. For example, one of these sheets (worth just a few EUR) was offered on one Czech auction portal for around 500 EUR!

It should be added that such “entrepreneurs” can be found all over the world, including Ukraine. On eBay the same item is offered by some Ukrainian for more than 100 USD...

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Stamp sheet "Russian warship, f***k you...!"


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